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Press coverage
"The owner of Be Kind Botanicals is a wonderful aromatherapist and she truly is one of the kindest people that you will ever meet and puts so much love, care, and attention into her products."
Urban Cajun Girl Aromabox Video
You Tube - December 11, 2019
Be Kind Botanicals 2019 Best of Buckeye Aromatherapy Award - October 20, 2019
lola.king@bkbotanicals.com, 4805280228
Lola is a busy mother of two, owner of a beautiful German Shepherd, wife, business owner, and constant student in the world of aromatherapy. She found her calling years ago in helping others in small ways and continue to do so through her essential oil company, Be Kind Botanicals. She started her first essential oil business in the Fall of 2013 and has continued to slowly grow it using an ethical, honest, and kind approach. In 2017, she rebranded her essential oil company to Be Kind Botanicals, Inc. With a vision to offer the best products on the market doing things “the right way,” she sources the best essential oils and hydrosols available directly from artisan distillers all over the world. Her vision or mission for Be Kind Botanicals is simple. She wants to spread kindness to everyone so that Be Kind Botanicals is seen as a beacon of truth, integrity, honesty, and kindness in a world filled with too much negativity.
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"I love camping but have trouble getting a good nights sleep in the camper. We just came back from our latest camping adventure and this time I brought a small diffuser and Lights Out with me. Slept like a log!! It has such a comforting smell to me and relaxed me immediately. Even the man liked it! I would recommend this blend to everyone! "
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"I love the Helichrysum that I purchased from Be Kind Botanicals. I trust that it is pure, unadulterated essential oil because of the integrity of the company and they readily share all the GC/MS reports on each oil. I know they are tested and true, not just by testing but by scent too. The oils are just lovely! "
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I love Be Kind products and know I can believe in the quality too. The lavender smells yummy and is sooo relaxing. I can close my eyes and the alligator juniper takes me out in nature. I love it and so does my husband. ❤️ "
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