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March 20, 2016 3 min read

How do you spiritually connect? Do you utilize aromatherapy? Meditation? Another means of connecting? Essential oils can be very powerful energetic tools for those they resonate with. Sometimes, I forget how unique this can truly be.

Lately, I have been a little busier than normal. I have allowed myself to get caught up in my daily work and volunteer projects. Today, as I write this article, I remind myself that while I may be taking good care of myself and getting plenty of sleep, sometimes it is not enough for my soul.

I've been searching for a way to strengthen the connection to nature and my own spiritual path I have known in the past through an ineffective means. My love of Reiki has not helped me. Not even my normal self-care habits or new ones have helped. I have just felt stuck.

I have even wondered if I am trying to connect the wrong way or if I am missing something on occasion. I have contemplated taking a course with some pretty amazing women in the aromatherapy community to help me. I eventually spoke to a colleague about it, and she gave me some sound advice which we will get to in a moment.

The point is, I was pushing so hard to connect and do things like everyone else, I was missing an important message.

You see, I have been getting little signs through Robin’s Enchanted Elementalsoccasionally as well as brief messages in photographs/memes on social media. While they resonated with me, I don’t think I paid them enough attention.

The signs saying to “take things slow” and “rest your soul” were not given proper attention. Remember that pretty great advice? It was this, “You don’t have to learn from someone to understand the energetics behind essential oils. You just have to spend time with them and they will speak to you.”

Then I realized something. I had been pushing so hard to do things like others, I forgot the most important component in this process. Me!

You see, each of us connect differently through a means that is unique to each of us. Just because one individual feels a sense of connection in using aromatherapy in one way, not everyone else will, too.

In fact, energetically, if I find that I can connect to my bigger purpose using Alligator Juniper, another individual may find they have better results with Atlas Cedarwood or Roman Chamomile. Aromatherapy is unique in that it works differently for every individual not only therapeutically, but energetically as well.

So today, I am listening. In fact, I am hearing it loud and clear. My heart is so big and open and I am feeling the love from the Universe. I will “take things slow” and I will “rest my soul.” I will find time to be me and connect the way I connect-by just enjoying my essential oils and writing about them as I learn about them and their message to me.

 Aromatherapy & Spiritual Connection

So if you are feeling stuck or disconnected, just stop. Stop and listen. Just because one way of connecting works for one, it may not work for you. Our mentors find us when we are ready. Right now you may be ready or you may not. For me, I am not ready. It is my time to stop, listen, take things slow, and rest my soul.

Love yourself however it is that you need. Self-care is not just for the body and mind. We must also practice self-care for our souls.

So, if that means picking one essential oil that speaks to you and smelling it while you write, listen to music, read, meditate, or anything else. Stop. Listen. And do what speaks to you.

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