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May 21, 2016 1 min read

Being a woman is hard enough without trying to be perfect or available all the time for everyone in our life. As women, we go through many transitions in our life that can affect our mental, emotional, and physical state. Using essential oils for hormonal transitions can be helpful both mentally and emotionally.

These transitions start at puberty with the beginning of our cycles and continue through our journey to bring life into this world and finally end with menopause. While these transitions may seem easy and natural for many women to go through, I can assure you they are anything but easy.

It is important that we remember as we work through our transitions that proper diet, exercise, and regular sleep schedules are important in maintaining a sense of balance. For many women though, additional support is needed and essential oils can be a gentle and effective way of assisting us through our transition into, during, and after menopause.

Essential Oils for Homronal Transitions

Below is a wonderful recipe that I have found very helpful in assisting with cooling the overwhelming sensation associated with hot flashes as well as one for general emotional balance.

 Cool the Flash

Combine the hydrosols. Spray as needed to assist in cooling.  

Emotional Balance Inhaler

Add drops of essential oils to the cotton for the inhaler. Put the inhaler together and use as needed through the day.