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May 24, 2016 3 min read

I began my search for another lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) essential oil last fall because I felt it important to find a great lavender that was truly unique and hold up to my philosophy and previous tagline for my little company. I am excited to share, that I have procured a very unique lavender from New Zealand. What do you know about New Zealand Lavender essential oil?

If you aren't familiar with it, here's a tip. Get ready to “Relax, Breathe & Renew®,” because this is one lavender you'll definitely want to have!

New Zealand Lavender Be Kind Botanicals

So what makes it unique?

The lavender from New Zealand has a much lower level of linalol than most others of this species. In fact, the amount listed in Essential Oil Safety 2nd Edition ranges from 20%-40% depending on the growing region it is from. The lavender from New Zealand ranges in 13%-17%. Ordinarily, I would think that the Lavender is a Lavandin or adulterated. The analysis I obtained for this beautiful lavender essential oil confirms that it only has 15% linalol and is pure.

As some of you may or may not be aware, there are some countries that consider linalol an allergen. In fact, the American Food and Drug administration lists linalol as an allergen. The low composition of linalol allows this essential oil to be considered a “low allergen” essential oil for a lavender.

Since I am mentioning its linalool percentages, I will mention that it also has a really good amount of esters. The linalyl acetate for most lavenders ranges from 36%-46%. This particular lavender has 46.37% linalyl acetate in its composition. You can view the full analysis here.

Another interesting point is its aroma. With such a difference in chemical composition, I would expect it to smell completely different. This is not the case at all! The aroma is a floral, sweet although not percussively sweet, and has a nice roundness to it. It does lack the powdery smell that I find in some. It has a wonderfully balanced, smooth and gentle but deep, long-lasting floral aroma.


Due to the unique composition, its uses are similar but also better in some cases depending on the individual. It is said that it has the potential to be even safer for skin use with younger children. I have started working with this lavender and find it to be similar to others available cosmetically. However, I did find some interesting characteristics. It is still used to support sleep as other lavenders, but I have found it to appear more effective. I contribute this largely to the ester content. Some of my clients that experience anxiety tend to enjoy this lavender more than others and find it more effective in supporting a calm and soothing environment.

A few anecdotal properties I have not utilized as of yet for this oil include the use for inflammation, pain, as well as antispasmodic effects. There are several others, although I will say so far, I have been very impressed by this unique essential oil from New Zealand.

About the distiller:

The New Zealand owners distil their lavender every January and start the process by using a French harvester. They have a very efficient harvesting and distilling system. They can cut and distil approximately 3/4 of a ton of lavender flowers and produce about 10 liters of lavender oil in under 1 hour. Imagine for a moment how many plants that is for a moment and then consider the amount it actually converts to in essential oil.

Being able to harvest and distill a large amount of plant matter in this manner allows the distiller to keep the oil as fresh and pure as possible and also avoid any over-cooking. The fresh oil is then completely dried and immediately bottled under argon gas, to remove any harmful oxygen.

New Zealand Lavender French Harvester

Are you interested in trying this Lavender?

If you are interested in trying this lavender, you can do so following this link. I offer it in 2 ml sizes, although I am sure you will be back for more as this is a truly a unique and useful essential oil not only in cosmetics but also for aromatherapy purposes.