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July 04, 2015 3 min read

With the most recent energy changes, and they have been big ones, some of us are feeling recharged and refocused. For those of us feeling this, we are able to put our positive thoughts into action by manifesting our dreams into desires and then into reality. Enter the pure essential oil blend for the heart chakra.

However, for some of us, if we have not allowed ourselves to flow with the energy, opening ourselves to our deeper calling it may have the opposite effect creating negativity where we once found love and light. Through recognizing our feelings, these recent changes have shown us we need to rebalance ourselves starting with our most inner thoughts to create unity.

Although each of us may deal differently with the energetic changes, I want to offer a free recipe for a personal aromatherapy inhaler that can help us get back to those feelings of love and warm light that we all want to bask in together by focusing on our heart chakra.

This blend came to me after looking at a few essential oils for a client recently. I was intuitively drawn to a few specific essential oils and after looking at their energetic properties, I can now see why.

Rose for the heart chakra

When most people think of the heart when they think of rose absolute oil, and, indeed, rose is a quintessential heart chakra essential oil. It promotes love, compassion, hope and an ability to experience deeper, more honest and meaningful relationships. It cultivates nurturing and self-love.

Rose also instills an appreciation for beauty. Energetically, it can ease grief and depression, soothe anger, heal deep despair, soothe and heal the heart, and bring feelings of love.

When we are closed in our heart, we require a delicate oils that can encourage its opening. Bergamot essential oil opens the heart chakra and even invites forgiveness. Yes, we must forgive ourselves for being closed, for being us, for feeling what we feel. This essential oil is great for that!

Energetically, this essential oil is relaxing, restorative, calming, yet emotionally uplifting. It supports the release of repressed emotions and can help reduce insomnia and anxiety after big energy shifts or large amounts of energy work. Are beginning to see how this works?

The next essential oil, Sandalwood (Santalum album), assists the heart chakra’s connection with the root and sacral chakras. This helps to ground feelings, thoughts and expressions of love.

This pure essential oil supports mediation of all levels and increases inner unity while quieting mental activity. We must quiet the thoughts that would deter us from getting to where we truly want to be.

Energetically it can also reduce irritation and aggressive behavior which we can exude while our heart is in need of rebalancing. It also encourages acceptance and we must accept who we are on our deepest level and be comfortable being us! Most importantly, when looking to work with the heart chakra, it can offer protection through encouraging a greater sense of security while working through the chakra.

These three essential oils used in a blank aromatherapy inhaler can help us rebalance our heart chakra. Try them and you will see for yourself the difference if is so resonates with you. I know for me, it does.

 Sandalwood essential oil



In a small bowl or glass, add essential oils in the order listed and drop the cotton piece into it. Swirl the cotton around in the bowl/glass for a moment and allow it to soak up all of the essential oils. Then insert the cotton into the aromatherapy inhaler and add the cap to seal it shut.

Remember, due to the nature of essential oils you will want to keep your new creation out of the heat to make it last for several months.

Sending you all positive energy,