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January 17, 2018 4 min read

Starting this month I would like to offer you a “Behind the Scenes” look at what happening here at Be Kind Botanicals. Sometimes this will include the anticipation of new arrivals, how I select new essential oils, deciding which third-party lab to use for an essential oil that I may be interested in, and other important tasks.

Looking into new essential oils...

This month I have been really looking at bringing on a few new essential oils. One of them is Mandarin Petitgrain (Citrus reticulata blanco, var. mandarin). The aroma is very sweet similar to the fruit with subtle hints of an herbal and soft mint like note, mingled with gentle floral, yet tangy notes. It is quietly uplifting mentally, but very soothing emotionally. This makes it ideal for use in stressful situations in calming emotions and soothing anxiety. It is also said to be a great toner for skin in balancing the sebum, helpful in promoting sleep, and has some additional soothing abilities for coughs. I can’t wait to see the analysis on this year’s batch! It will be arriving late February to early March direct from my distiller in Italy. You can actually read about some of the things that he focuses on here.

Another essential oil that I have become very intrigued with is Lemon Eucalyptus or Ironbark (Eucalyptus staigeriana). The aroma reminds me a very sweet lemon with its candy like aroma. It is very uplifting mentally and is considered to have a strong antibacterial action making it useful in “germy” blends. The chemistry for this species of Eucalyptus has some similarities to that of Melissa - this alone makes it a very affordable alternative!I have put in a request to the distiller in Australia to get this specific essential oil. However, it and one other, fall under “dangerous goods” so I am waiting to hear back as to what the total cost might be before proceeding. I am hoping to hear something soon as I need to replenish my Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) as well!

This coming week I will also be receiving four different batches of Patchouli (Pogostomon cablin). A couple are from Indonesia and the others from India. Each of these has a different distillation date. While I am more interested in one that is aged, it is also important that they have the appropriate aroma profile. All four of these will require in-depth organoleptic analysis to make sure I am offering the best patchouli that I can as well as ensure that I am getting one that will continue to work within my Balance blend.

Another essential oil that I am interested in but have been out of stock for a long time is Ho Wood (Cinnamomum camphor ct linalool). Up until early last year, I offered it. All of the batches of Ho Wood that I was interested in at the time, were found to be adulterated with synthetic linalool. Until recently I did not think it was available. However I have a sample that will be arriving within the week that I will be doing some organoleptic testing on. If it should pass, I will order some and then send it off for analysis.

Ho Wood Essential Oil - Be Kind Botanicals

Choosing a third party lab...

With the mention of getting an analysis done, for Ho Wood specifically, I am choosing to use the lab Phytochemia. The experienced chemists’ from this lab typically use a GC-FID to provide a thorough and detailed analysis. With my concern for the potential of a synthetic linalool adulterating the Ho Wood, they are my first choice. If it were a different essential oil like the Mandarin Petitgrain from my trusted distiller in Italy, I would use Essential Validation Services.

Other tasks to complete before the arrival of new oils...

With the addition of new essential oils arriving this month, aside from needing a lot of third party analysis testing, I also will be working on getting new labels printed. Some of the previous labels for blends will be updated as well since I will be printing.

Updating the essential oil blends means I will get to play on my formulating counter! I do love blending! Sometimes I focus on chemistry, potential uses, but most importantly I like for them to have pleasant aromas. While I love my Anxiety Blend, it has an essential oil that will be leaving my shelf due to its endangered listing - Atlas Cedarwood. Another blend I will be tweaking is my Tummy Rub Blend. I am just not a licorice fan. Also, the Clary Sage while beautiful just is not giving me the aroma I need to cover the Fennel for this synergy. Additionally, I will finally be releasing my BBS (Bye-bye Squirrels) Blend as soon as labels are finished - this blend is AMAZING!

Final notes...

There is almost always something going on. But for now, this is all I have time to share. If  you have any favorite essential oils that you would like to see me carry, feel free to drop me a line. 

Until next time, stay kind!