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February 24, 2020 3 min read

This month has been a trying one it seems. But I've found joy in working towards completing small projects that I know you're curious about. I'm bringing back our peek "Behind the Scenes" so you can the scoop on all the juicy details.

The Juicy Details!

The first small project started with reformulating the Muscle Rub Blend.

It is by far the most effective essential oil blend on the market that doesn't contain essential oils that are contraindicated for heart conditions/medications. However, after listening to your feedback, I found it to be cost prohibitive for you. 

So, I started by looking at the oils that needed some changing when reformulating.  The Nepalese German Chamomile and the Alligator Juniper. Both of these oils are exquisite but ultimately keep the price fairly high.

Removing those two oils meant a big change. It meant I needed a new oil or oils that could potentially do the job of those two and be effective. In reformulating this blend, I found that I had to choose what new oils I'm looking to import this year. 

Behind the Scenes at Be Kind Botanicals essential oil company

And so began another small project...

I'm pleased to share that I've narrowed down my selection. But this selection wasn't easy, as I also am replacing the Muhuhu in my Samhain Blend for the Fall. Knowing I need the oils for the Samhain Blend and also the reformulation for my Muscle Rub completely changed the direction in which I normally select my oils.

You'll be excited to see the oils that made a high priority to be added this year! They are as follows:

  • Buddha Wood
  • Kunzea
  • Nutmeg
  • Allspice

Can you guess which one I'm using in the Muscle Rub Blend? If not, the new formulation will be released very soon along with a few new oils. 😉

With the selection of oils to be imported and also the reformulations yet another small project was started...

The creation of more labels. This is the ONE thing that I absolutely do not do alone. The process requires some patience, some serious proofreading, and coordination between the three individuals involved.

First I create a spreadsheet with a list of all the oils and blends. On this spreadsheet I include details for botanical names, plant part, label size and dimensions, quantity of each size label and extraction method. All of these details are then used by my husband to create each label.

I also create a second spreadsheet with a list of all the common names, the label size, label dimensions, and quantity. I then add a total number of variants for each label size/dimensions and the total number of labels to be printed. This information is then submitted to my label printer.

Once my husband has finished creating the new labels, I then get to proof each one for spelling and to ensure all the details for each label is accurate. This is especially for the blends as the ingredients must be listed according to the amounts (highest to lowest) per the FDA. 

Once proofreading is completed and final edits are re checked, the labels are then sent off to the label printer. He then submits proofs for me to verify that my labels will print as specified by me. Sometimes this takes a few different tries as my labels can be difficult to proof with the clear options I use. As of now, I'm waiting on my first set of proofs for 16 labels.

Behind theScenes

So what's been going on?

As you can see, I've been reformulating, choosing new oils, and creating labels. Once the labels arrive, then I get to contact distillers to send me samples. And then.... the importing of new oils start! 

I hope you enjoyed this peek behind the scenes. I'll have some more updates for you late next month. Until then, enjoy the Leap Day sale and get ready for the Mystery Bundle because it'll be ready March 1st!