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September 07, 2016 3 min read

It is not hard to see how trendy essential oils have become. It is also not hard to miss all the recipes floating around the various social media outlets that tout blending one blend with another blend and sometimes a few single oils. Here is something to think about though.

Do you really need all of those essential oils to create a blend that will work for your purpose?

The answer is not so simple. In some cases, a well made blend might only use five different essential oils and others even fewer. In others created by well qualified or vintage aromatherapists, there may be a dozen. More frequently than not, an enthusiast might consider blending two or three already made blends together.

So what is the harm in blending blends together? When you think about it, using that many essential oils can be dangerous. Let me explain.

Blending the blends

Let's assume you are using brand ZD and they have a wonderful pain blend that you really enjoy. This blend we will call "PainBeGone" and it has 5 different essential oils. You also like another blend that is similar from that company. We will call this one "SoreBeGone" and it has 6 different oils and two of them are found in the other blend. This gives you a total of 9 different essential oils.

When we look further into the chemistry of an essential oil, we can generally find anywhere from a few different components to over five hundred different components (depending on the oil). When 9 different essential oils are combined in a blend, the chemistry not only becomes more complex, but the risk for creating a negative reaction increases.

Blending with a purpose

Practical and Basic Blending

So how do you decide how many oils to use? For those that are new to blending or are inexperienced in chemistry, there is a basic approach that can be helpful.

First, it is important to look at the purpose for which you are blending. For example, if you are making a blend for hormonal/emotional support choose 3-5 essential oils that have the potential to support that.

Then, starting with the three that smell the most favorable to you, use a drop by drop method to begin blending. Initially you will have 1 drop of each blended together that you will smell.

If you like the way it smells, you may choose to stop adding drops. If you want one essential oil to be more predominant, add 1 more drop of that essential oil and smell again. Do this until you have created a blend you like.

Additional Notes

While the practical and basic blending information above is helpful for many enthusiasts, it does not take into consideration the chemistry of the essential oils or contraindications for individuals using them. Also, this method is useful only for the individual creating it as it does not take into consideration any potential concerns associated with blending for others. Crafting essential oil blends for other individuals requires a significantly different approach and much more in depth training due to the many variables each individual may have.

If you have a friend that is interested in having a blend made for a specific purpose, have them contact someone that is a qualified aromatherapist with this type of training and experience.

Free Diffuser Recipe

Using the blending method above, create a blend using the below essential oils. Hint: I only use 1 drop of peppermint in diffuser blends to avoid the potential risk of irritating mucous tissues.

Spirited Summer Blend

  • 2 parts Red Mandarin
  • 2 parts Geranium
  • 1 part Peppermint

Blending with a purpose