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August 29, 2016 4 min read

I wanted to share some rather lengthy thoughts this morning that I feel are important in regards to daily use of essential oils. This may come across as a bit of a rant, but only because I am passionate about essential oils and how to safely use them to enhance my life and the lives of others by helping them use and understand essential oils.

Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE them? I do! I rarely get colds and my children don't either. My husband has even allowed me to help him with some of his joint concerns when they become extremely difficult.

Additionally, my daughter, who has a lowered immune system compared to other children her age, has been able to develop without constantly being on antibiotics because a cold has developed into an infection. When I or my family do get colds, we are able shorten the amount of time we experience the symptoms affiliated with colds. They are amazing tools that can aid in healing and supporting us when we need it!

However, I do NOT use them daily.

As many of you are aware and for those of you that are not, there are risks involved with using essential oils. The risks vary depending on the specific essential oil used as well as how it is used and in what type of application.

For example, cinnamon oil is not an oil I would suggest to use on the skin due to its high cinnamaldehyde and/or eugenol content. In fact, Tisserand recently published information regarding cinnamon and discusses at length how sensitizing cinnamaldehyde is in reference to using it topically.

Cinnamon is great when being diffused although even then, it should be used in a small percentage of the blend of essential oils being diffused. The eugenol found in cinnamon can be a mucous membrane irritant if used in a high percentage of your blend. Personally, I don’t ever use more than one drop of cinnamon in a blend of 6 drops of other essential oils.

Daily Use of Pure Essential Oils

So how do I use essential oils?

I use them as I need them. When I do use them, I try to make sure that I don’t always use the same ones if possible. Depending on whether I am using them for emotional or physical support of the skin or body’s immune system will determine what oils I use, how much, and how often.

For emotional support it can vary, but in general with so many aromatic oils that are helpful I can diffuse a different one each day for a few to several days if needed.

For topical application, in very low dilutions I can use them daily for several weeks, although I do like to minimize this type of use for the next reason.

For support of my immune system during colds, I like to use the oils that are more potent in anti-infectious properties in higher amounts for only a couple days. If I am not using a specific oil every day that I would use for an acute (high dilution for short term use) situation, it has a higher impact on my immune system.

Reasons why I don’t use them daily:

  • Daily long term use can diminish the effectiveness of essential oils depending on the individual, the application of the oil, and the type of oil
  • Daily long term use can cause individuals to develop sensitizations to those oils
  • Daily long term use can have additional side effects that include topical and systemic reactions

Daily use of Essential Oils

Research & Learn

I am not sharing this information with you to scare you away from essential oils, but to inform you so you can do your own research. There is so much information available on the internet so I urge you to push past the sales and use of oils in regards to thinking there are no side effects, that they are all safe, or that they will work the same for everyone.

There are always risks involved with anything that we use to help us medicinally, including essential oils. While the opinions of those experiencing the wonderful healing powers of the aromatic oils is valid, it is short term experience. Always seek to find long term knowledge and research by an unbiased source interested in something else aside from sales.

Using essential oils to enhance your life is not a quick and easy google. If you are truly interested in learning how aromatic oils can help support you and your family, start with one oil and fully research it before purchasing it. Look for information regarding specific species of the plant that the oil is produced from, therapeutic effects, chemical constituents you might find in the oil, and any potential side effects based on the constituents and the essential oil itself. You may find that you won’t use it as much as you originally thought or perhaps you will! Then move onto another oil and do the same.

Essential oils can be amazing and supportive in so many ways when the risks are weighed against the benefits. I hope you continue on your aromatic journey with more wisdom than what you have today. I know I am constantly learning even with all of my training and encourage you to do the same.

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Lola King of Be Kind Botanicals