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July 03, 2019 2 min read

Affordable, High Quality, Pure Essential Oils

I frequently get asked several questions when I am out and about and one of them pertains to the oils Be Kind Botanicals offers. The question: "Are they affordable, high quality, pure oils?"

Are They Affordable?

Absolutely! I work directly with distillers for the majority of the products offered thereby making the prices lower. Without a middleman and a small business structure (not an MLM), my pricing is very affordable.

Are the Essential Oils of High Quality?

Working with small artisan distillers versus commercial distillers whenever possible, the essential oils offered are not only of a high quality, but exquisite. Due to meticulous and careful sourcing that is coupled with my knowledge of chemistry, essential oil training, and aromatic sensory training, in my humble opinion many of my oils stand out above the rest. But don't take my word for it, read the reviews.

Are They 100% Pure?

Every batch of every essential oil is ALWAYS tested by true third party labs to ensure what I offer you is what I have imported/brought in after viewing previous gas chromatography – mass spectronomy (GC-MS) reports (when they are available as not all small distillers can afford them) and organoleptic testing.

Also, I do NOT rely on any GC from any distiller or supplier as every batch can change from season to season. This includes those that I have worked with for a long time and have built great relationships with. With adulteration so rampant in the industry, this is imperative to not only me, but to you as my clients and I recognize it. Therefore, I test every single batch of essential oils. You will not see Certificates of Analysis (CoAs), but full GC-MS reports for every essential oil offered.

Does Be Kind Botanicals offer affordable, high quality, pure essential oils?

Yes! Be Kind Botanicals absolutely offers affordable, high quality, pure oils. You can even order samples from us before purchasing larger bottles - because care about what our clients want as much as we do sustainability!