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February 21, 2018 3 min read

Recent events in my life have caused me to really step back and look at few things. These “things” may not seem like a big deal, however they mean everything to some. I am talking about the connection from plants to essential oils, plants to people, essential oils to people, and even people to people. You know, the essential oil connections to plants & people versus companies...

Essential Oil Connections to plants and people versus companies

Our Connection to People

Our connection to people, how we feel about someone, how they make us feel, it is sooo important. These connections allow us to feel loved, important, valued, and so much more! In our widely varying choices for essential oil companies and our preference for them, I worry that we have all become so biased that we have forgotten our connections to each other and their importance in our daily lives. Don’t get me wrong, it is absolutely ok to love and adore your favorite essential oil company. I do think that because we are so passionate about our favorite companies that it tends to get in the way of what is important.

Early on, I learned in life that how we act, speak, think and feel toward others will leave opportunities for more meaningful connections with others. With the rise of new essential oil companies every day and multi-level marketing companies, I have seen those connections become damaged, frayed, and sometimes completely broken while friendships are lost. Our passion for finding the “best” or the “most pure” has left so much bias that we have lost sight of what it important – and that is our connections to each other as humans.

Our Connection to Plants

I have also found that because of our biases that we don’t really develop connections to the plants that these products are even obtained from. I am not an herbalist, but with all the knowledge I have received, this connection is just as important as our connection to people. Without understanding a few things about the plants we obtain our essential oils from, it is easy to miss or not see how we are affecting these precious resources.

Our unchecked use of essential oils because of blind bias can have massive affects. Think about it. What about the indigenous people who rely on some of these plants we use as their only means of herbal medicine or food? What about the plants that we have overused to the point of extinction? What about the farmer who is nurturing, harvesting, and distilling and isn’t getting paid fair market value?

These are questions and ideas that literally bring me to tears. Just today I was talking to a close friend about a few things and I almost cried – in public and in a local coffee shop. I am sure people thought I was losing my mind, but these connections to plants that we use to obtain essential oils matter that much to me.

Copper still and lavender

Don’t throw the bathwater out!

I am not saying to start looking at companies that are not on your favorite list and start bashing them because they are new. I am not saying your favorite company is horrible. All I am asking is that we all look to establish meaningful relationships with each other as the amazing people we all are – without bringing a company bias or sales into the picture. I am also asking that when you purchase essential oils from any company, including your favorites, that you really get to know them and what exactly it is that they do to help you really connect to the plants that we obtain essential oils from.