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October 13, 2017 3 min read

Around this time every year, decorations for a festive Halloween are raised, farmers prepare the final harvest of the year, and many more prepare for Samhain or Day of the Dead. If you are not familiar with Samhain, I encourage you to learn more about it. There are many different interpretations of it and ways of celebrating it, but for everyone, I think it is more personal.

If we look at the date at which Samhain is celebrated we can learn more as well. It is no coincidence that Samhain falls in between the Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice. It is at a point in which we note that the Sun is no longer dominant over the moon. A time that some believe the veils the thinnest and allow for communication between the dead and the living (hence calling it the Day of the Dead or Dias de las Muertos).

For me Samhain is an opportunity to reflect on those I have lost while celebrating their life. I do not view it as a time to become burdened with tears of sadness for those I have lost. I do however, take the time to hold space for them and their memories in a celebration of love and hope.

This year I am holding space for my beloved Chelsea and many others lost to us. I am celebrating the protection she gave my family, the comfort she gave my children, and her ever diligent love that she freely gave to us and all of our friends. She will forever be in my heart and live on in other ways.

Samhain from SOL

What Essential Oils Can be Used?

Samhain is not a time for those who are reflecting on loved ones lost to be sad, but for some the loss remains heavy. For this, there are a few essential oils I suggest using to support letting go and transitioning to a brighter outlook.

With Samhain, it is also a time to remain firmly grounded in the present. When reflecting on the loss of a loved one it can be quite easy to get lost during reflection. To stay grounded but still be able to feel the comfort we need during reflection, I enjoy using these grounding and comforting essential oils:

Celebration of life is something that my family has always been very big on. With Samhain, it offers a more festive way of doing this. With my heritage, I naturally gravitate toward the warming and spicy aromas of essential oils. They are especially helpful to keep us warm when considering the Sun rests more during this time of year. Below are just a couple I enjoy in my Samhain blends.

  • Allspice
  • Cardamom
  • Nutmeg

Limited Edition Essential Oil Blend for Samhain

Before the arrival of Samhain, I release a limited edition blend that was initially inspired by a friend and colleague. Upon its creation, it was dedicated to my beloved family pet Chelsea who we laid to rest in 2017 and remains so to this day.

If you missed getting your bottle this year, make sure to sign up for the emails so I can let you know when it is available next year.

If you were one of the few lucky ones to get a bottle of my Samhain blend, may this blend allow you a grounding, comforting, and festive time of reflection as we say goodbye to the Sun’s constant warmth and celebrate our own light within ourselves that keeps us moving forward.