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January 19, 2017 2 min read

I took a short poll before the weekend to see what you are all really interested and just like myself, I found several of you really interested in the chemistry. Here I share with you essential oils: the perfect synergy of magic & chemical constituents.

The “WHY” and “HOW” essential oils have the great potential that they do.

So, today I am going to offer a very short bit of information that I am calling “Essential Oils: The perfect synergy of magic & chemical constituents.”

Many of us have heard or even done some amount of self study in essential oils.

Many of us have been told to take some courses in chemistry or even been told to “research” the information…..

Before we get into the various chemical constituents, I want to share something that I TRULY think is important to understand.

 How do essential oils really work?

While essential oils are composed of many different components, it is the complete melding or synergy of these components that truly offer the magic, beauty, and potential for essential oils to offer the support that they do.

Yes, we can separate each chemical constituent and find out what each one does, BUT that does not mean that the essential oil will act this way for every person when it is working in a synergistic way with other components.

For example, in Lavender two of the major components are linalool and linalyl acetate. Both components have research that shows them to be sedative. BUT I have a few clients that Lavender actually supports the opposite action.

Then there are several essential oils that as a whole, historically there is anecdotal evidence that shows they can offer a specific type of support. However, when we look at the chemical constituents within them and the research related to those constituents, sometimes we find they do not support the historical anecdotal evidence.

THIS is why it is important to understand that while the chemical components of essential oils can help us learn some of the “whys” and “hows,” it is synergy between all of the components that offers the magic that is essential oils.

Essential oil chemistry report

Learning about chemical components...

Going forward what I would like to do is discuss a specific chemical component and spend a brief amount of time finding essential oils that the chosen component is found in.

On Therapeutic Tuesdays, you can currently join me on Facebook to learn about chemical components. I will be sharing research that tells us what they do, any safety concerns associated with them, and then looking into what essential oils they are found in.

You can also visit the essential oil collection on my website to learn more about the various essential oil profiles and look at the analysis for each until then!