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April 21, 2021 2 min read

With today being Earth Day, I think it’s important for us to all take a step back from the bottle. That’s right. Before you use another drop, let’s consider this: How can I use essential oils sustainably? After all, it takes an incredibly large amount of plant material to obtain the oil that’s in your favorite bottle of essential oil.

So how can I use essential oils sustainably?

The biggest thing we can do is recognize that we don’t always have to reach for the essential oil(s) first when we have a therapeutic need. We can use herbs, flower essences, teas, tinctures and even hydrosols.

We have several options available to us when it comes to complementary therapies. The greatest way we can impact and create a more sustainable future is by learning about these other alternatives. 

The next thing we can do is consider the potency of essential oils compared to other therapies and even over the counter or prescription medicine. Essential oils are incredibly potent - you and I both know this. It’s why so many have started learning about living a more natural lifestyle as a preventative means versus a quick fix with a pill.

Beyond this though, we know that if one drop can soothe an itch or upset stomach, consider how diluting that one drop would do the same with less. Diluting your essential oils can do more than help you use them sustainably! Diluting them offers you:

  • a safer method of application
  • Makes the essential oil last longer
  • Costs you less to use it in the long run

Something else to consider is that you can always start withless and then add more if you need to. Again, this will help you use essential oils more sustainably!

One final consideration that is hugely important. Don’t buy full size bottles all the time. Think about it. How often to really go through an entire 15 ml bottle of lemon essential oil in one year? It’s actually pretty difficult to do if you are utilizing everything I’ve mentioned up to this point.

If you buy 5 ml bottles or just samples, they can go a really long time and you don’t end up tossing oils out that expired. And yes, essential oils do have a shelf life. You can read about thathere and  here.


How can I use essential oils more sustainably?So to recap these are five things you can do to use your essential oils more sustainably:
  1. Use other alternative therapies first (herbs, flower essences, teas, tinctures and even hydrosols).
  2. Consider the potency and need
  3. Dilute them
  4. Start with less and add more if you really need to
  5. Buy samples and other smaller retail sizes

If you want to learn how to reuse and recycle all those bottles you have, you can take a look at thisblog. Until next time, stay kind!