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April 17, 2020 3 min read

As some of you know from my About Page, I have two fairly young children (ages nine and four at the time of this post), two German Shepherds, and a fairly busy schedule to keep with just my day to day responsibilities. So how did I become an aromatherapist?

Let's start with how I got into aromatherapy

To answer this, I will first tell you my plights with skincare. Like some of you, I grew up during an era of shameless tanning in ultraviolet beds and being exposed to needless chemicals from prescription creams, shampoos, and other daily self-care products.

Growing up, I often experienced eczema flare ups and even rosacea and found myself very self-conscious about it. However skincare was never on my mind growing up. In fact, I even went to college and studied Music Education and Hotel/Restaurant Administration.

I found in my second to third year of school that I had a phenomenal sense of smell and an even better pallet which lead me to my love of wine. Little did I know, but my sense of smell would help me on my current path!

Several years later and before the hype of essential oils, I found myself dabbling with them in body scrubs and other skincare items. I found that the scrubs were easy to make as gifts around the holiday season and that a few of my essential oils were helpful for my overall moods.

While dabbling in making items for myself, I also found a few things that really helped my personal skincare issues and even my daughter's. You see, not only do I have very sensitive skin, but my daughter does as well.

Skincare Versus Aromatherapy Education

With my love of making things and my eagerness to start a small business in skincare, I jumped in thinking I would attend an aesthetics school to learn more. However, the more I researched essential oils, the more I found I had more interest in aromatherapy and the benefits of it through skincare.

I also researched aesthetics schools finding they required a much more set in stone schedule which my family's schedule just did not work with. So, I began really researching aromatherapy schools with the support and help of my husband.

It is important to know, that not every aromatherapy school is for everyone. Additionally, not every aromatherapy school is approved by the industry organizations Aromatherapist International Association (AIA) or the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA).

In order to receive a certificate in aromatherapy, individuals must attend and complete the programs from the schools those organizations approve. Only then can an individual proceed to advance to the only internationally recognized title of Registered Aromatherapist (RA) by taking a four hour proctored exam written by the Aromatherapy Registration Council.

Once I finally decided on a school that fit my schedule and would satisfy the requirements to help me learn and continue learning, I set to work. While working through the anatomy and physiology and aromatherapy coursework, I honed my natural aromatherapy skincare business.

As I completed the final coursework for the aromatherapy program, I found myself helping others in learning safe uses for essential oils as well as helping others with other personalized items.

Current & Future Goals & Certifications

While I continue learning how I can help others with aromatherapy, my research for natural aromatherapy skincare through reliable resources will continue. Like many others in the industry, I recognize there is no black and white guide that will encompass everyone. Each individual is different as well as their skincare and aromatherapy needs. For this reason, I will continue to be forever a student of aromatherapy.

Since originally starting this piece, I have completed every course offered by Aromahead (except their newest Teacher Training Course), completed the Advanced Certificate course in Pharmacology & Essential Oils from Robert Tisserand, Cathy Skippers Hydrosol Certification, Ann Harman's Hydrosol Distiller Workshop, attended several other workshops related to essential oils and their use and received the designation of Registered Aromatherapist (RA) from the Aromatherapy Registration Council.

I still continue to learn, even daily through self study and research. I'm currently doing coursework from  the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy which was formerly taught by Sylla Shepherd.

I encourage you to always keep learning! You just never know how much there is to learn until you get started!

What Started My Essential Oil Journey