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February 05, 2019 2 min read

Clay face masks are amazing at helping to gently exfoliate while also removing impurities from our skin. In fact, I use my Moroccan Maskonce a week! I really enjoy making my paste with hydrosolsso I can get additional benefits for my eczema and rosacea prone skin. It does take a little patience though when you are mixing hydrosols and clay masks.

In this short blog, I am going to share step by step pictures using my Rose Mask and a hydrosol so you can see just what it looks like. First, you will want to gather your ingredients though. So grab your favorite hydrosol and clay mask and follow along.

Clay face mask and hydrosols

As you can see, I use a small glass bowl to mix in and a glass stir rod. You can use whatever works for you, but I do encourage you to utilize items that will be non-reactive and easy to clean items with your ingredients that you use.

Next, I have placed just a 1/2 tablespoon of the clay mask. It certainly looks like a lot, but it really isn't. I normally use a full tablespoon for my own mixture. This is just a demonstration though thank goodness!

moroccan face mask

Then I add a small amount of hydrosol to the clay mask. You will note that the hydrosol and the clay do not absorb as easy as one would think!

moroccan face mask

Next begins the mixing. Using my glass stir rod, I timed how long it took me to get the hydrosol absorbed and mixed into the clay mask. It took one and half minutes and produced a relatively thick paste which you can see below in the final photo.

I prefer my paste a little less thick so that I am not sitting around forever waiting on it to dry. The thinner the paste, the faster it drys. BUT you do not want it so thin that you are taking it over before two minutes have passed because it does need time to really do the work of pulling impurities from the skin. I personally prefer a paste to last anywhere from 3-5 minutes.

When you do take it off, be mindful to massage the skin in circles to gently exfoliate and use lots of water. Once you have fully removed the clay from your skin, there may be a light color to your skin depending on the clay used. My Moroccan mask leaves my skin with an orange hue so I follow it up by cleaning it with my Combination Face Serum rather than soap so I can avoid over drying. If you like using a foaming cleanser to clean you skin, by all means do so. Just remember to hydrate with a skin nourishing serum after.