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September 18, 2020 3 min read

If you've ever wondered "is Rosemary ct cineole essential oil safe for kids," you aren't alone. In fact, I just got this question so I thought I'd answer it here.

“Just curious about the rosemary in the kids kit and the CT cineole as we learn cineole shouldn't be used on or near the face of kiddos under 6(not that I would). But for diffusing is there a limit of drops? dermal percentage like in a respiratory rub? Age limit?”

The guideline from Robert's book is that Eucalyptus globulus should not be used on or near the face for those that are under that age. The reason is due to the high amount of 1,8 cineole It ranges anywhere from about 65% to 84%. So even one drop under the nose could cause breathing concerns.

With Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) ct. cineole, it has a much lower 1,8 cineole content. It averages about 39% to 58%. It's still not advised to be used on or near the nose, but considering the available amount of 1,8 cineole the risk is significantly lower if we consider the overall dose of a drop.

With regards to diffusing, we consider how much the dose actually is in dispersal. For atomizing/ultrasonic diffusers the dose is measured in parts per million. So you could potentially use a few drops of this particular rosemary in your diffuser and it's effects be safe for even a two year old.

So think of the Rosemary ct cineole as the equivalent of the Eucalyptus radiata - a Eucalyptus generally regarded as safe for use for young children and elderly. It's chemistry allows for a much safer dose topically in chest salves and is definitely safer in diffusers.

There aren’t any current recommended dermal maximums listed in Robert’s book for chest rubs, but generally speaking if you made an essential oil blend with that oil, it would be safe to use up to 5% for a day or two and then drop the percentage in a new salve with the same blend to 1-2% for 5-7 days if needed that long.

You could blend the Rosemary with the Virginia Cedarwood and Scotch Pine for a soothing respiratory support blend as an example. You could use equal parts or use less Rosemary and more of the others – this reduces the overall dose of the 1,8 cineole.

Age limits… I have kids and one of them had significant immune issues when she was quite young. At 18 months old if she really needed Eucalyptus globulus to help break up the gunk in her chest, I’d a drop to her diffuser that was blended with Virginia Cedarwood, German Chamomile (Nepalese not Bulgarian), and a little Douglas-fir. I’d also ensure her door was left open and her fan was circulating the air in and out of her room. This was my go to blend for her hardest first or second day of really bad colds. After those days, I’d switch the Eucalyptus out for Rosemary ct cineole and drop the Douglas-fir. So, in a diffuser IF needed, an 18 month can use oils with 1,8 cineole.

We just need to consider the dose when offering it. It's always about the dose! If you need rosemary, you can get it here.