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February 08, 2020 2 min read

Sometimes, it isn’t always roses. Sometimes, it’s stinky…like Valerian (which can be lonely!). Sometimes, it’s just sitting silently. Patiently like Vetiver. Even when we aren’t the patient type. 

Seriously though, self care can be as difficult as quitting "all the things." Sometimes these feelings can be overwhelming. Sometimes, we just have to QUIT.

Sometimes we just need to quit feeling like we must do it all. Quit feeling like we need to do more or be more. Quit feeling like we aren’t growing. Just quit the mental or ego game. Seriously. QUIT. IT.

It isn't always roses

I’ve been there. Many times, in my life in fact. And guess what? It’s Okay to feel all of this crazy stuff in life and recognize it as a deep part of us. And it’s also Okay to quit stewing on it when we are feeling raw. Quit whatever doesn’t feel good. Quit all of it. Even if it is just for a moment. Release it all and then?

Go and do the one thing we feel so deeply relevant in our bones. That one thing that lights a spark and ignites our passion again. That one thing that we love that helps us to love ourselves. That one thing that brings light, love, and all of the good…

And that one relevant thing? It can be ANYTHING. It can be working with plants, essential oils, listening to music, writing…ANYTHING.

I know this to be true because I’m there with you. So, let’s go find our one thing together. Mine is waiting for me. I’m ready to go do my one thing, are you? Once you find and do your one thing, let’s celebrate!