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July 12, 2017 3 min read

This post is not going to be my typical post, but I am feeling compelled to share something very personal and intimate with you – my essential oil meditation experience from earlier today. I will be honest, I am not the best at trying to get my daily meditations in although the last few weeks I have been getting much better! So today I awoke and made plans to get a few things done around the house and also get in a quick meditation.

Once I was ready, I decided to create as quick blend for my diffuser. The last few days have been a little rough for me so I wanted essential oils that would be grounding, protective, heart opening to help me see what I need, and most importantly allow me to release any extra baggage I have been hanging on to.

My Essential Oil Blend

To start, I grabbed my beloved Sandalwood. This essential oil is fantastic for mediation and is very grounding. I normally do not use it, but today I was drawn to it. It also offers a great deal of emotional support for those feeling the strain of emotions or heart versus ego conflicts.

Next, I grabbed Angelica Root. This is another deeply grounding but very powerful essential oil that offers a soothing and protective feeling while working through mental baggage. I have heard a few colleagues refer to this as a true Arch Angel essential oil when you need help although I had never used it in meditation before.

The third essential oil I grabbed was my ancient grounding, protective and healing Douglas-fir. I have always been drawn to firs and pines, but this one has kept me entranced since I first had contact with it. It is one that offers subtle and magical guidance with ancient knowledge.

I then looked for an essential oil that would help in releasing old emotional wounds. The first one I decided to grab was Cistus (Rock Rose). This is a very spiritual essential oil that is used to support deep emotional work. It is protective, heart opening, and embodies release in a beautiful and magical way.

Because I felt like I needed something to sweeten the blend, I also grabbed my go to oil for emotional release – Rhododendron. This essential oil is a very sacred essential oil that I have loved since I came to study my first sample four years ago. It is often used just like Cistus and is used in sacred rituals to release what no longer serves us while allowing us to feel gratitude through the loss of those things we have held onto for too long.

Essential Oil Meditation Blend Recipe - Be Kind Botanicals

Guided Meditation

After I completed my blending, I grabbed my sage and spritzed myself with my Yarrow Hydrosol. I then tidied my meditation space while burning my sage…having a clean space is important to me because it helps me align my thoughts as well as prepare my mind for the meditation.

I then lit my candles and started scrolling the Insight Timer App in hopes of finding just the right meditation. While scrolling, I accidently tapped on “Releasing What No Longer Serves You” by Avianna Castro. At first, I admittedly wanted to exit out of it and go back to scrolling. Something stopped me though and guided me to continue to press play. Already, this meditation felt different.

Meditating with essential oils

With each breath, I drew in a cleansing breath guided by my aromatic blend and began releasing the negativity and heaviness that was surrounding me over the last few days. This specific meditation coupled with this blend of essential oils allowed me to delve deep into old emotional wounds tied to memories, people, and unrealistic notions that were not mine to keep. I found myself releasing things I had not thought consciously about in years…. Upon finishing my guided meditation, I felt lighter, more full of love and potential, and in a place that I could l start my journey of healing.

After all, I am worth it. We all are.