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October 13, 2019 3 min read

Have you recently heard someone talking about the Alliance of International Aromatherapist's Conference? Or maybe the Botanica conference? Or another?

Attending them is a pretty big deal for many of us. But for some, I know there is a lot of anxiety around them. Which category do you fall into?

In case you aren't sure about their value I am going to share my top four reasons why you do want to go to the next one.

Reason #1

Attending an industry conference is the single best way to continue your education. Especially if you aren't able to attend all the workshops that tend to occur during the Spring or Fall!

Industry conferences tend to have a wide variety of speakers - many of which are considered experts in the specialty area like Peter Holmes, Jane Buckle, etc. I have had the great honor of sitting in on Mark Webb's, Madeleine Kerkhof's, Robert Tisserand's, and Gabriel Mojay's lectures to name a few. 

Did I mention that you are often able to meet these amazing individuals and ask them questions? I know I have and they are all the most down to earth professionals who are more than willing to help you learn when they have time.

Reason #2

When you go to a conference you are able to really connect with your peers, develop new relationships and foster new ones. In a healing industry, I don't think I need to tell you how important really connecting with folks is!

If you happen to be looking for a new supplier, a new business coach, a chemist, or maybe you want to meet a real artisan distiller, these people are almost always at a conference. Have you met Marco Valussi - he is an artisan distiller!

Reason #3

Getting to connect with your tribe at a conference can be the best way to not only work on those relationships, ask questions, get answers, but you also get to fill your cup!

Being able to really sit back and get out of the day to day grind is so important! While attending these conferences, often even though you are there for work you get so much more out of it than just a learning or networking experience. You get to leave rejuvenated and ready to get back to work with a new enthusiasm.

I don't think I need to tell you how important that is in our work!

Reason #4

Industry conferences are. . .FUN. They aren't just about learning, networking, and filling your cup. They are filled with massive opportunities to cut loose and have loads of fun while making memories. Need proof? Just look at a few of the images below!

Be Kind Botanicals at AIA Conference 2019

Crystal Brothers (Vines of Wellness) & Lola King (Be Kind Botanicals)

Be Kind Botanicals at AIA Conference 2019

If this wasn't fun! I'm not sure what we were all chatting about at my table when this was taken, but we were all there! Included is Adam of Essential Validation Services, Sylla & Nyssa of Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy and Rosa is a fellow student with me at Nyssa & Sylla's school!

Be Kind Botanicals at AIA Conference 2019

You will have to ask Adam of Essential Validation Services and Sylla & Nyssa of Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy about the banana. All I know is that the photos were a lot of fun!

Be Kind Botanicals at AIA Conference 2019

My second evening there we had a lot of laughs! Pictured is Chris Mack of Aromatic Harmony, Sylla & Nyssa of Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy, Karen Norland of Northern Prairie Aromatherapy and Lola King of Be Kind Botanicals.