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January 09, 2019 2 min read

I often get emails asking questions about specific products I sell and normally I don't think a second about it. However today, I got a plastic diffuser question that I have not had in a while so I thought I would share it and my response.

"Hi Lola,

 Love your website and company philosophy.  I'd like to get a diffuser, however, after all my research it seems that the water reserve component is oftentimes made out of plastic!  Some companies do make claims that theirs is BPA-free, but I'm looking for something that is completely plastic-free.  Maybe something made with stainless steel?  Is this a crazy idea?

Could you offer any insight or recommendations for a fabulous diffuser?

Thank you!"

When it comes to diffusers that are not made with any plastic whatsoever, unfortunately I do not know of any. Diffusers made with stainless steel? I am sure they would be pretty, but would they be functional or last?

The reality is, is that every diffuser out there has some plastic to it - there just isn’t a way around it with how they are designed with regards to functionality. There are some that have beautiful glass or ceramic covers like the one I offer, but sadly none are out there without plastic as a main component.

Now if you are interested in light or passive diffusion and just want to avoid plastic, tea light diffusers are the way to go. Before you start thinking about should you apply hear to your precious oils, consider the aromastone. It warms the oils as well until they have almost completely dissipated while passively diffusing the volatiles of the essential oils into the air. 

With soapstone or glass tea light diffusers, you add water to the basin and then 1-2 drops of whatever essential oil or blend you are using. This is wonderful way to passively diffuse while enjoying the benefits of the essential oils being used.

There is something important to note about tea light diffusers. They are not meant to fill your entire home, so more essential oils will not help get more of the aroma into the air. They are meant for smaller rooms. Think bathrooms, small offices, etc.

I hope this helps you and others looking into diffusers made without plastics!