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August 12, 2016 3 min read

Over the last couple years I have found myself more involved in the process of harvesting plant matter for the various plants that I offer as essential oils. I have to admit, while I find much of the information fascinating and amazing, some I have found to be quite worrisome. Enter: Roman Chamomile crops & concerns...

Crop Changes

During the last two years I have watched as many crops around the globe have become significantly smaller due to the drastic climate changes. For example, the droughts in South Africa have significantly decreased the amount of the Bourbon Geranium crops that many farmers depended on to support their families. In Madagascar, vanilla farmers have also suffered a significant decrease in the crops. Even in the UK, the popular Roman Chamomile crops have also declined.

How does it affect farmers?

These changes in our weather patterns across the globe are affecting crops in such a way that farmers are struggling to stay afloat. Some farmers are now choosing to charge more for their crops or are abandoning the crops that are no longer viable in the drought conditions they are experiencing.

Roman Chamomile essential oil

How does it affect consumers and businesses?

On the other side of the coin, the consumers demand for these crops to be made into essential oils has not changed for the better. Demand has increased with the trendiness and marketing efforts of large and small companies alike. Sustainability is rarely crossing the mind of the avid user. Even less common is the idea that our changing weather patterns can and are affecting pricing of the oils distilled from these precious crops.

Small business distributors offering some of these well known oils are now changing their pricing to reflect the new pricing. With these changes, many essential oil enthusiasts are looking to purchase essential oils with new companies offering better pricing. The sad fact remains that the crops declining are still not recovered and may not recover from the environmental changes I have seen.

For me and my small business, I will be looking at other essential oils as viable replacements for these and offering education on the new oils that I choose.

Roman Chamomile-How does this affect Be Kind Botanicals?

I have a very small amount of this precious essential oil left. As of now, I still have plans to bring on a new batch. However, the new batch is a little more than it was three years ago. With this being said, It is now available in 2 ml or 5 ml bottles rather than in the 15 ml bottles I was once offering it in.

As many of you know, I currently utilize it in two different blends that include my popular Lights Out blend and the Twilight blend. I have sadly removed the Twilight blend from all of my skincare preparations. Once the few bottles I have of it are sold, I will no longer offer it as a blend. In short, this blend will be retiring.

Regarding the Light's Out essential oil blend, I will still be offering this as it is very effective and safe for littles. 

If you love Roman Chamomile essential oil as much as I do, I highly encourage you to get it while you can at the current price.