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August 18, 2016 3 min read

“Focus!” “Pay attention!” How often do you find yourself saying this at the beginning of the school year? I know I find myself saying these things at the beginning of the school year. Just like me, I am sure you desperately want to help your kid(s) do as well as they can in school. Thankfully, there are a few ways to support their mental focus and memory.

Supporting Mental Focus with Essential Oils

Natural Ways to Support Mental Focus & Memory

Nutrition is key.

One easy way I support my kids mental focus and memory is to make sure they are well fed and given healthy choices for snacks. A few quick examples are raisins, cranberries, fresh fruit and vegetables.


Often, when we are hungry, our blood sugar levels can drop and cause negative reactions that include irritability as well as inability to focus or even recall something that was just told to us.

It's OK to take breaks!

Another way to support our cognitive abilities is to take breaks when studying. This is especially important right after school when my kids get home. Allowing my kids to have 20-30 minutes to relax or cut loose can have a very positive impact. I will be the first to admit that I absolutely used to usher my kids home from school and start them on homework. However, I quickly realized that they needed a “break.”

Think about it-how much recess do kids really get after sitting all day? It is ok for them to take a break and then jump into studying. Also when they are studying for long periods of time, I do allow them to take 15 minute breaks to get up and do anything else after studying for 30-45 minutes.

My favorite way to support my children’s mental focus and support when they need it is to use essential oils.

Using Essential Oils: How do I utilize them for this?

Because I want the essential oils to have the most impact, I diffuse them and only for 30 minutes at a time with a break of about an hour. If diffusing is not an option, alternatively I offer them personal aromatherapy inhalers as well or even use a terra cotta ball/pumice stone with a few drops to hang out on the table while they study.

What Essential Oils can I use?

There are many essential oils that can be used individually as well as in blends. Some of my favorites are:

Other notes:

There are many others that can be used as well. I personally enjoy using a little Lemon, Petitgrain bigarade, Clary Sage and Frankincense. I actually have my favorite in a blend called BBS you can get here. If you are feeling a little creative, you can make a diffuser blend for your kids. Once you create a blend that works for you and your family, you can also create a stock blend to use in inhalers or other inhalation tools. Personal inhalers are great little aromatherapy tools that can assist your student at school and is non-invasive to others.

Send me your questions and comments! I would to help you in your journey of aromatherapy!