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March 31, 2017 2 min read

Once, I was excited and devastated all in less than 30 seconds… I was pretty upset and at a loss, so of course I needed to get it out. I do this by writing. This is all about the essential oil analysis that had me excited and devastated.

As many of you know, I analyze all of my essential oils using a third party lab. I recently sent off 5 samples to the lab and received the results of that shipment today.

To say I was excited about getting the results is a complete understatement! I have never had an essential oil come back adulterated so far and was really excited to see what the chemist said in his reports.

When the email arrived, before even opening it, I was smiling from ear to ear! I just knew I would have some amazing reports because the chemist is so thorough. 

The results of analysis:

Imagine the defeat I felt when in the email one particular sample was mentioned as being adulterated…one I had saved for four years to bring on with a HUGE amount of anticipation. The amount of frustration and sadness I felt was awful…And not just because I wanted it to come back with a positive result. I was devastated for my clients, too.

I have had clients for the last three years asking me about it. I have always maintained that I will have an amazing Rose one day that is affordable…. This almost broke me knowing that what I had was useless as a "pure" product to me and my clients.

Essential Oil Analysis Be Kind Botanicals

My gold lining:

BUT…there is a silver lining in all of this. Having the analysis completed proved to me that no matter how amazing something smells or how authentic an analysis from the supplier or distiller may be, there is always a small margin for the product to be adulterated before I actually receive it. THIS is why I have a third party chemist analyze my essential oils. Even those I get direct from my distillers.

I personally do not care for calling out distillers or suppliers and I won't, but one thing is for certain. I am truly grateful for NOT releasing or making my rose available to the general public before getting the results back. I am sure you are, too!

So now I am heading off to deal with this and will be searching for another rose to offer. In the meantime, I hope this helps truly solidify the integrity I have for supplying pure essential oils and absolutes to you.