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January 25, 2017 3 min read

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I don't know how many of you can appreciate what I am about to say, but I can tell you this. It is the truth about my feelings and it doesn't get any more honest than this.

Please understand, this may be a little long but is not meant to hurt anyone's feelings. They are just my truths.... or as I see it, the REAL truth about essential oil marketing, hype, and spiels.

TRUTH: I am not one for fancy marketing spiels or hype.

WHY: When it comes to essential oils, as long as they are pure and I can help you find what will work for YOU, I don't want to mess with those ideals. I have found that using spiels and hype that it does NOT help my clients be truly educated or empowered but instead creates a cult mentality that does not help anyone!

TRUTH: I am not one to say my company is better than any other company.

WHY: This type of marketing tactic doesn't give me the "feels" the way that really trying to help someone does. Additionally, it is in my honest opinion just a tactic to help individuals sell product versus really help people. And if these two reasons aren't enough, here is a bigger truth. While I would LOVE for my company to have better sales, I know there is not any one single company out there that offers essential oils that everyone will love. This is why many individuals use several different companies...after all only "your nose knows you best."

TRUTH: It drives me crazy to see people sharing unsafe practices regarding essential oils!

WHY: Because I care! And I don't say this without REAL meaning. I have seen first hand and heard too many stories about babies, kids, and even adults getting hurt from using essential oils unsafely because someone else said "only (insert company name here) offers pure essential oils and because they are so pure, you can use them undiluted and ingest them..." Guys, if you have never seen a photo of a baby or toddler with nasty burns from essential oils being applied undiluted, be glad. These types of things truly bring me to tears.

Essential oil truths about marketing

TRUTH: If you ask me if you can use essential oils internally, I will not give you an easy answer. It may potentially be one that you do not like either....

WHY: Even though my essential oils are pure and are a very good quality, unless you know someone trained in aromatic medicine, I will not advise you to do so. Essential oils and water don't mix so it should make sense that there is some formulation knowledge required...

If you are trained in the specific art and science of culinary techniques with essential oils and want to use them as FOOD FLAVORING, be my guest. Use one drop of basil to flavor your one liter of olive oil.... or save your money and infuse it with herbs for a more cost effective and honestly better tasting end result.

Internal use comes with a lot of precautions because of the amount of knowledge required in pharmacokinetics (how the body digests and expels essential oil components), formulation techniques for various methods that include vaginal and rectal products, essential oil and essential oil component contraindications, and more.

In the end, I suppose I am just tired of seeing individuals use tactics that I feel are meant to do nothing but sell product and tear down others. Helping others should be more than selling a product.

So be honest, do these "truths" and "whys" resonate with you or not?