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December 26, 2020 2 min read

Have you ever wondered what the best or most loved blends are? These are the Top Five List of Essential Oil Blends of 2020. They are some of my favorites, too!

  1. Samhain – This is one of my personal favorites! It’s great for getting you into the Fall mood and perfect around Halloween. If you clink the link you’ll see why it so popular! I’m even bringing it back for the last remaining days of 2020 so you can get yours.
  2. Resilience– If you’ve never tried this blend, it’s quite beautiful for an immune support blend! It’s soothing and slightly uplifting, too.
  3. Lights Out – This blend always does well – every single year. It’s by far the most supportive and restorative blends for someone who needs a little help relaxing into a blissful sleep. Read the reviews and you’ll see just how wonderful it is!
  4. Winter’s Hope – This blend captivates everything about the cool Winter you love but instills such an uplifting feeling that you can’t help but fall in love with it! It also doubles as a beautiful holiday blend for anyone who can’t use essential oils with cinnamon, clove, and other spicy oils!
  5. Synergia – This blend is always in the top five! It’s a perfect motivating, focusing and inspiring blend when you need a little get up and go.

Every single one of these oils that made the top five list of essential oil blends for this year is quite unique. With oils from artisan distillers, they are gems and well worth the value when you consider the quality, purity, and therapeutics. I hope you enjoyed my top five blends list!