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December 26, 2019 2 min read

Every year I always share what the top ten essential oils are. This year, I'm doing it a little different.

I'm going to give you the top five single essential oils and the top five essential blends. Are you ready?

Top Ten Essential Oils of 2019

Top Five Single Essential Oils

  1. New Zealand Lavender - This one is the number one seller for 2019!!
  2. Eucalyptus, Blue Gum - This is no surprise as we offer a STELLAR globulus!
  3. Alligator Juniper - This one was a little surprising since we went for several months without it!
  4. Peppermint - This one is by far and away, my favorite peppermint because of the care involved in it's growth, harvesting, and distillation. The quality from our grower/distiller shines through quite vibrantly!
  5. Frankincense - This one going forward will be limited so it is unlikely you will see it in the top five again. 

Top Five Essential Oil Blends

  1. Fierce Grace - Created in 2019, this one has won top spot for client favorite. As far as women's empowerment goes, this is THE blend.
  2. Samhain - I'm in shock over this one. And for 2020 it will be reformulated due to sustainability concerns with the Muhuhu. Wow! THANK you to everyone who purchased this one!!!
  3. Stress Relief - This one isn't a surprise! Every year this one has done well since its inception.
  4. Anxiety Aid - This is a blend I rebelled against creating for years. Looks like it won't be leaving any time soon!
  5. Lights Out - This one I'll have to remember never to reformulate it is loved so much. For the last few years its made the top five as well.

Until 2020, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for supporting my little artisan essential oil company!