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July 31, 2019 2 min read

I recently came across a post on Facebook that concerned me. As someone who works with essential oils in a therapeutic way that is clinically trained Registered Aromatherapist, I do tend to see concerning things, but this triggered me.

What I came across shared a small amount of information that unfortunately was just not completely accurate. And the accuracy of information is what allows us to truly be empowered to really understand how things work.

When we don’t know the complete picture or do not have factual information, it makes it difficult to know what or who to trust when it comes to essential oils. Especially if it comes from people we are supposed to trust already.

It’s more concerning when folks who are selling essential oils are sharing bad information and know better. But I suppose the value of a dollar means more to some than others when sales start to drop as people like yourself become more educated on safety, efficacy, etc. I am glad you and others like you are becoming more educated!

Breaking Apart a Myth

Since I know you want to help me break this myth apart, here it is: “Impure oils can cause issues like sensitization, irritation, and even allergies.”

Truth?? Pure oils CAN and DO do this, too. I know several cases where pure oils have caused the same concerns if not more.

The cause???? Improper usage. Read it again.

 Essential Oil Myths

Improper use of any essential oils causes issues like sensitization, irritation, etc.

Pure or not pure. High quality or not. Direct from distiller or not.

Improper use for oils can mean overusing or using undiluted regularly, daily use for the sake of using versus use on a as need basis, etc.

There is something else wrong with this myth that Robert Tisserand pointed out (2019, Tisserand), too. Sensitization IS an allergy. If you aren’t familiar with it, you need to read this article. Also, consider taking a few of Tisserand Institute’s Essential Oil Safety courses. They are really good!

What else have you seen when it comes to essential oils that you consider to be incomplete information or not so factual? I would LOVE to have a conversation with you here!


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"(And, sensitization and allergy are THE SAME THING)."