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October 27, 2019 2 min read

Have you ever pulled out your bottle of myrrh to create a nice diffuser blend or even something for topical use and then…nothing? In this article we will explore a few tips on using Myrrh.

There are a couple reasons that can cause Myrrh to be difficult to use. These tips will help you and make it easier to use!

The First Tip

The first tip has everything to do with using the “right” sized orifice reducer. You may already know that man companies use a standard size reducer. The standard size sold by most companies that sell to small businesses and even DIY enthusiasts is a medium size. A medium reducer is typically manufactured to be 0.85 mm.

A medium sized reduce tends to have too small of a hole. Having a reducer with a hole not appropriately sized allows for the oils to either come pouring out or take forever and a day.

To simplify it? Just make sure you are purchasing from a company that uses a thick reducer. Thick reducers are typically manufactured to be 1.0 mm.

The Second Tip

If you are using Myrrhduring cooler weather like the Fall or Winter, you might have noticed it takes much longer to get it to come out of the bottle. With cooler temperatures Myrrh tends to become more viscous. That being said, you will want to make sure you warm the bottle gently.

You can do this two ways. The first way is to put the bottle in your pocket or several minutes until it warms enough to be used. The second way is to place the bottle in in a warm water bath. The second method takes a little longer, but if you aren’t in a rush it works well.

Myrrh Essential Oil

A Bonus Tip

Since I’m giving you a few tips for using myrrh, I also want to add a bonus tip that most don’t think about. Ever notice how your cap gets hard to open due to the resinous material getting on it? There is an easy way to avoid that!

You’ll need a couple items for this tip! Jojobaand a Q-tip.

First, take the Q-tip and dip it in jojoba. Then after every few uses, clean the inside of the lid with the Q-tip that has been dipped. This will also lubricate the lid and keep it from becoming so hard to open.

If you enjoyed this article or it helped you, please share it. Thanks for reading!