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February 09, 2021 2 min read

With Valentines coming soon, there is almost always a massive hunt for DIY recipes that are useful and safe. In this blog, you’ll find safe and practical recipes that you can use any time of year.. In fact, these are my top five favorite DIY recipes to use essential oils in as an aromatherapist.

All of these recipes are really easy to make, and can be utilized so that you can change the essential oils. Just remember to change the dilution rates accordingly for oils that are phototoxic or are considered irritating for the skin. 

Body Oil

Valentines is coming soon, so this is one of my personal favorites!


  • 50% Jojoba wax
  • 25% Argan oil
  • 25% Meadowfoam oil
  • Optional: Up to 2-3% essential oils


In Arizona, we are getting ready for some gardening so our hands tend to need extra protection. Salves can help tremendously with that!


  • 7 grams Beeswax
  • 28 grams Jojoba
  • 14 grams Cocoa butter
  • Optional: Up to 2% essential oils

Body butter

These are perfect for getting those heels in shape for sandal weather! And if you put it in a push up stick, it makes for a fantastic massage stick!


  • 26% Cocoa butter 
  • 50% Tamanu
  • 24% Beeswax
    • If you use organic ingredients, you’ll not want to add anything to this as it will smell amazing as is!


When you are on the go and just need a little boost to your self esteem, this works well! Just make sure you are using a graduated cylinder for this one and that the bottom of the bubble meets the ml measurement you are going for.


  • 10 ml Rice Bran
  • .5 ml Rose Absolute

Body Spritzer

For spritzers, I highly recommend using hydrosols. This is the easiest way to avoid needing emulsifiers, diluents, or preservatives. They are also much easier to make! This uplifting and emotionally soothing blend of hydrosols is one of my favorites!


  • 50% Rose hydrosol
  • 25% Frankincense hydrosol
  • 25% Blood Orange hydrosol

I hope you love these as much as I do! They are by far the simplest and easiest to manage when you are looking for safe formulations to use at home. Enjoy!