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December 16, 2020 2 min read

Last year I started a Top Five list that had everything in it but this year, I really wanted to make it more fun and separate everything out for you. Let’s start with the Top Five List of Essential Oil Singles for 2020.

  1. New Zealand Lavender – this isn’t just any ole lavender. It’s quite unique compared to all the others on the market. If you clink the link you’ll see why it so popular!
  2. Alligator Juniper – If you’ve never tried this oil, it’s a rare artisan beauty that is native to my home state of Arizona. You can get the aromatic profile and uses from the product page.
  3. Frankincense – I don’t promote this oil because the species is endangered. No really, I don’t EVER promote it. But the distiller I use for it does such an amazing job it speaks for itself in the number of individuals that share it and use it.
  4. Douglas-fir – for those of you who’ve never tried this Douglas-fir it is a must try. There is not another one distilled anywhere in the world that competes with the aromatic profile or quality of this one.
  5. Ginger – This one was a surprise for me! I know how great the difference is between my fresh distilled ginger and those distilled from the dried one are, but wow!

Every single one of these oils that made the top five list of essential oil singles for this year is quite unique. From real artisans, they are gems and well worth the value when you consider the quality, purity, and therapeutics.

Stay tuned for the next post where I’ll share the top five blends!