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April 07, 2021 2 min read

With the launch of our Chakra Collection, it's time to finally answer the question "What essential oils are good for chakras?" Here you can learn about the seven different chakras, what their purpose is and what essential oils work to help in balancing them.

Root Chakra: When in balance,you feel grounded, safe, secure, and content.

Essential Oils for the Root Chakra:

Sacral Chakra: When in balance,you feel creative, artistic, attractive and positive.

Essential Oils for the Sacral Chakra:

Solar Plexus Chakra: When this chakra is balanced,you feel calm, patient, and confident in your self worth without being overly arrogant.

Essential Oils for the Solar Plexus Chakra:

Heart Chakra:You feel compassionate, loving, and full of joy when this chakra is balanced.

Essential Oils for the Heart Chakra:

Throat Chakra:You can more effectively communicate your thoughts and feelings as well as support your ability to hear others when this chakra is in balance.

Essential Oils for the Throat Chakra:

Third Eye Chakra: This chakrahelps influence areas of our brain that are associated with wisdom, intuition, spirituality, and memory retention. So when it is balanced you’re able to speak from your intuitive wisdom with great memory recall.

Essential Oils for the Third Eye Chakra:

Crown Chakra: When this chakra is truly in alignment, you’remore clear about your purpose, more spiritually in tune, and balanced overall. 

Essential Oils for the Crown Chakra:

For each of the chakras, a single essential oil or a blend of essential oils can be used to help bring them back into balance. You can substitute essential oils if needed. You'll also note that some essential oils work to support balancing multiple chakras.

If you need a fantastic blend that's already made, check out the Harmony Chakra Balancing Blend here.

I hope this gives you a great starting point. I'd love to answer any questions you have!