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April 13, 2021 2 min read

When you want to feel relaxed, comforted, or just need a little uplifting, using adiffuser can be an amazing way to do that! But what is the best essential oil diffuser on the market?

With all the diffuser choices on the market, I'm helping you choose a diffuser that Iknow you'll get a lot out of.

So, what do you need to look for in a diffuser? A few things I look for as a Registered Aromatherapist are:

  • Be compact so it'll fit anywhere you need it to.
  • Have different light modes to help you set the mood you want!
  • Having an intermittent setting to run the diffuser for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off in a cyclehelps you scent a roomwithout feeling like you're in bath and body works!
  • Have a timer for when you're on the go so younever worry about whether you forgot to shut it off again!
  • Easy to clean because no one really likes cleaning...

You can get these benefits and more from theSpa Vapor 2.0 Diffuser or theRowan Diffuser from Be Kind Botanicals. Both diffusers have more features than the ones I listed above which makes them that much more valuable.

Other things you might consider:

  • How much space you have will determine what size you need
    • Remember diffusers put the essential oil volatiles in the air in parts per million (PPM). If you have a very open floor plan of say 800 square feet, a diffuser that offers 1,000 square feet in coverage will be more than enough.
  • If you don’t like lights in the evening when you sleep, make sure there is a function for the lights to be off.
    • Many inexpensive diffusers will not offer this. The ones I mentioned above youdo need to turn the lights on in order to utilize them.
  • Do you need passive diffusion or active?
    • Passive diffusion can be as simple as filling a tea light warmer with water and a couple drops of essential oils when you just need a gentle touch of therapeutics.
    • When you need something a little more potent than passive diffusion, atomizing diffusers like the Rowan or Spa Vapor 2.0 work extremely well and cover a large space.
    • In some instances, an even stronger dosing is necessary so a nebulizing diffuser can be beneficial. These types of diffusers are meant to be used as short term and high dosing mechanisms during acute concerns like colds because they are so potent. They arenot meant to be used daily for long periods of time. 
  • Check the warranty availability and customer service for the diffuser you choose
    • Some diffusers have a six month warranty where others will have a one year

From an aromatherapist’s standpoint, you can see why TheSpa Vapor 2.0 orRowan Diffuser are our choices for the best essential oil diffusers on the market.