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Rose Absolute 5% dilution (Rosa damascena)


AromaThe aroma from this rose will take you back to a time when you might have grown roses or even been in a garden surrounded by roses. The light and delicate yet sweet aroma of the rose petals shine through in this absolute. It whispers of sweet powdery fresh petals being blown gently in the wind....rejuvenation, rebirth, and relaxation all wrapped up into a single drop. 

It is definitely a powerful yet feminine absolute to be reckoned with. If you are looking to inspire your inner goddess, this is definitely your best choice! The aroma is best enjoyed in dilution or even on a scent/fragrance stick.

Personal Notes: Rose is known for and touted as having many effects such as calming/soothing, purifying the reproductive system, hormone balancing during menopause, and even cooling for hot flashes (use the mist). I have used it for emotional and uplifting  blends and sometimes in a luxurious lotion. Rose can be used in skin care preparations and for the pure floral beauty of the aroma. In fact, it is frequently used in creams or serums for the face. 

Ingredients:Organic Rose Absolute and Organic Golden Jojoba (5% means the Rose is diluted to 5% of the total volume)

Safety Data: The rose absolute used contains 0.10% methyleugenol. Robert Tisserand recommends a topical dilution of no more than 0.6% for a 3.3% methyleugenol content. For this current batch our daily dermal maximum is approximately 1.98%. Remember to further dilute this blend of jojoba and rose absolute.

Emotional/Energetic Qualities: Rose is definitely of Venus and is cooling offer to soothe anger/aggression. It is balancing, calming during stressful transitions, helps take the load off the nervous system, rejuvenating, heals deep despair, soothes and heals the heart, provides strength through rebirth, and is the epitome of love.

Recommended applications: Topical application using safe dilution ratios, great in a roller ball or when used to formulate topical items needing rose.

Other considerations:

  • Can be used in skincare applications using safe dilution ratios.
  • Do not place on broken skin. 

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Smells absolutely divine! I wasn't

Smells absolutely divine! I wasn't expecting to receive as much as I did in a sample! I was excited to see Rose offered at a sample due to the high cost, I couldn't afford a full bottle right now and I've been dying to make an eye serum with rose and frankincense and this was the perfect way to test it out!! Now I know what I'm saving my next splurge for!!! Amazing customer service, super fast shipping and even better packaging! Can't wait to try more of these high quality oils/products from BK !!