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Winter Solstice Essential Oil Blend


This blend is retired until the Late Fall of 2020. Look for it again then!

Essential oils: Alligator Juniper (Juniperus deppeana): This essential oil is a great essential oil for grounding and creating a protective space. There is also something warm and comforting about this oil like that of a warm bonfire on a cold winter's night. It makes for a very rich base note, in this blend and helps to marry just a touch of the earthen mustiness from the Patchouli.

Sub Alpine Fir (Abies lasiocarpa var. lasiocarpa): This essential oil has a rich yet tempered aroma filled with clean forest air, green fir needles with hints of resin, and a soft sweetness that is reminiscent of the rising sun on a cold winter morning. It acts as the perfect top note to the Winter Solstice Blend with just enough lift to bring a smile to one's face.

Patchouli (Pogostemon Cablin): This essential oil is very grounding and somehow connects with my soul on a level that I hope to one day understand. To me, I find a sense of protectiveness when using this particular essential oil - almost masculine in nature but tempered with warmth and love. It add just enough earthy and musty tones to the blend to really deepen the idea of the "longest night of the year" for the solstice we will soon celebrate.

Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha): The rich, velvety aroma that this somewhat aging myrrh has helps bring just the right amount of smokiness to the overall blend. Creating a protective space through the long night, this essential oil was a must for this blend. The resinous and warming notes settle deep in the nose encouraging relaxation and stillness.

Aroma:This blend is a very masculine and soothing blend that is perfect for Winter Solstice. It is earthy, woodsy, resinous and filled with majestic top notes of fir needles. It is reminiscent of a warming bonfire with hints of a slumbering forest in the background.

Safety Data: Myrrh essential oil is contraindicated for individuals who are pregnant or lactating. Can be used via gentle diffusion and used topically diluted properly.

Emotional/Energetic Qualities: Calming, soothing, grounding, protective, connects us to the earth and its cycles.

Other considerations:

  • Do not place on broken skin.