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Trauma Oil


This trifecta blend of oils, is a blend of arnica, calendula, and fresh St. John's Wort flower herbal oils. The arnica and calendula oils are both separately infused in our organic Jojoba oil while the fresh St. John's Wort is triple infused into organic Olive oil. 

Our trauma oil blend has a beautiful red color and has long been touted for its abilities to soothe the perception of pain related and inflammatory concerns. 

Personal note: This trifecta blend is touted by a local chocolateer and is requested often by those familiar with my trauma oil blend. 

Ingredients: Fresh St. John's Wort Flowers Infused in 100% pure organic Olive Oil, Calendula and Arnica flowers infused in organic Jojoba oil.

Date of InfusionsAugust 2020

Shelf Life: About 1 year

Origin: USA