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Vanilla infused Jojoba Oil (Organic)


The organic vanilla bean infused jojoba oil is perfect for making lip balms and other natural cosmetics. If you love to make your own skincare, you need this!

In the Fall of 2019, I was fortunate to purchase some organic vanilla bean pods from Madagascar and have been infusing them with the locally produced organic Jojoba here in Arizona. 

Personal note: This oil has a very scrumptious vanilla smell. It has a beautiful golden color that is brilliant even after infusing! I find that it penetrates the skin very well and does not leave a greasy or oily look after use in cleansers and other skincare preparations. No preservatives or antioxidants are added to this so it can be utilized in its pure form.

Ingredients: Organic Vanilla Bean infused  in Organic Golden Jojoba Oil

Date of Jojoba cultivation: May 2020

Date of infusion: February 2021

Shelf Life: About 1+ years

Origin: Arizona, USA 

Other: Cultivator of Jojoba is Certified Organic, cultivator of vanilla bean pods is organic.

Customer Reviews

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I really like the Vanilla

I really like the Vanilla infused Jojoba Oil. It feels really good on my skin after a shower and the vanilla is not overwhelming. Too bad the vanilla will not be avilable for a long time.

A beautifully scented oil perfect

A beautifully scented oil perfect for face serums and lotions. I love it!

I ordered the vanilla infused

I ordered the vanilla infused jojoba. The package arrived quickly and well packed. This is the first purchase of infused oil for me. The scent is soft. I may use it to make a body butter. I find myself dabbing a drop or two and rubbing it on my hands to experience the warm subtle scent which is very lovely.

Lovely vanilla oil

I waited until I used this oil a couple of times to review. This is the first jojoba oil I've tried and it's wonderful. It sinks into the skin quickly and at the end of the day my skin still feels moisturized even in the Arizona dry winter. The vanilla is one of the best I've smelled, not too strong just pure vanilla. Highly recommend.