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AromaWave Essential Oil Travel Diffuser

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Whether on a cross-country road trip or stuck in city traffic, the AromaWave essential oil travel diffuser will be right with you where ever you go. This small and stylish diffuser uses a light warming unit to gently vaporize the oil throughout your car. This travel diffuser is easy to use, lasts up to 24 hours, and fits all standard 12V plugs in vehicles.

To use rotate the top counterclockwise to take off the cover. Insert a refill pad into the top and then add desired drops of essential oil. Replace the cover and turn clockwise and plug it into the accessory port of your vehicle. Each pad lasts about 30 days from the start of use. 

 Product Specs:

  • Low-profile design
  • Tech: warming pad
  • 3 Refill pads included (additional pads sold separately)
  • Rated Power: 125mAH

 Other recommendations concerning use:

  • The refill pads will provide the longest life when the same oil is applied during every use.
  • Stop adding oil before the entire pad becomes saturated. (Do not over-saturate)
  • Unplug diffuser when not in use.



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