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Rowan Diffuser

The Rowan Diffuser is an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser that is flame free and operated by USB cord, so you can enjoy essential oil aromas in your home safely.  The elegant ceramic design of the Rowan was inspired by the leaves of the Rowan tree and adds a stylish look while dispersing essential oils into the air. It enhances the style of any home office, bedroom or at home spa.

Simply fill with 60 ml of water and add just 5 or fewer drops of essential oil to the water to turn your space into a soothing and relaxing environment for up to 14 hours. With settings that include one hour, two hours, three hours, and even a continuous or intermittent setting, this elegant diffuser will allow you to enjoy the benefits of essential oils. The best part is that no matter what setting you use, the diffuser will automatically shut off the entire unit when it does not have enough water to operate. For faster dispersion use warm water.

This diffuser measures 4"x 7" and does have a light feature on that you can adjust. The light feature allows you to turn the lights on, select a single color of light, or turn the light off. The USB cord is a USB DC 5V cord that comes with the Rowan diffuser (the cord is packaged within the diffuser and not the box). It is designed to allow for up to 400 feet of coverage.

What will you put in your Rowan diffuser?

Due to shipping costs and insurance requirements for shipping this ceramic diffuser, please note that this diffuser can only be shipped using Priority USPS (medium box) or UPS. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Pure Heaven!

I've never tried essential oils before, but I am so impressed with the infuser and the wonderful peacefulness the oils themselves have brought into my world. Thank you so much.

Love mine!!

I have used mine 24/7 in our bedroom and the diffuser has performed! It must be 9 months plus since I bought it. My husband likes the rotating colors of the lamp but he isn’t as aware of the pleasant scents. I think the diffuser adds a soothing presence.
I use rubbing alcohol to clean its interior with a small kids toothbrush.