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Helichrysum Hydrosol


Common Name: Helichrysum Immortelle

Latin Name: Helichrysum italicum serotinum

Plant Part: Flowering tops

Harvesting method: Cut by hand

Origin: Australia

Distilled: December 2018

Shelf Life: About 2+ years 

This particular hydrosol is a true artisan hydrosol that is full of vibrancy and skin healing potential. The distiller does not cohobate the product which results in a much fuller, rounder, and sweeter smell for this particular species. Other distillers sometimes cohobate (recycle the hydrosol) when the yield is particularly low which can result in an aroma similar to curry.

Hydrosols are aromatic floral waters that contain the hydrophillic components of essential oils obtained from steam distillation of plant material. They can be used for a wide range of purposes as toners, tonics, energizers, and other natural functions. 

Helichrysum hydrosol has been used historically by individuals during various tissue conditions like bruising, inflammation, irritation, and other skin wounds. This hydrosol can particularly helpful in cool compresses for these concerns. 

Other ideas:

  • As a toner for maturing skin 
  • During your pet's minor skin irritations (large breed dogs)
  • Cool compress blended with lavender hydrosol at onset of sunburns 
  • Can be used on scar tissue
  • Can be used as a mouthwash (diluted)

Aroma: Deliciously sweet and filled with lots of honey aroma, this hydrosol dances in my senses much more than any other I have sampled elsewhere. It has just hints of an round herbal aroma. This hydrosol is one that you do NOT want to miss out on.

Storage: To get the most use of your hydrosols, I recommend storing them in refrigerators out of reach of tiny hands. 

Safety: There are no know safety concerns with using this product. If using on your pets, please seek advice of someone trained in the specialty of animal aromatherapy for additional information.

Personal Notes: I have a very mild rosacea and love using this as a toner a few times a week. It does wonders for my skin-especially during our dry season!

This hydrosol is packaged in a clear glass 2 or 4 ounce clear glass bottle with an atomizer so it is ready for immediate use.

 *Our image is courtesy of Stone Rise Farm.*