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Rose Hydrosol


Common Name: Rose Hydrosol

Botanical names: Rosa damascena

Origin: United States

Distilled: June 2020 

Shelf Life: about 1-2 years


RD2008 - Bulgaria


RD1909 - Bulgaria

RD1808 - Bulgaria

Aroma: This hydrosol has a lovely rose bouquet - more so than what I was anticipating. It is delicate yet full of life. It’s a sweet bouquet of roses with just the tiniest hint of a powdery top note that entices one to smell the hydrosol again and again. A perfect treat!

Other: Rose hydrosols in general have some fantastic properties and uses. In fact, Rose hydrosol makes for a wonderful toner for maturing skin! It is also said to help with hormonal imbalances that can cause fluctuations in your body temperatures.  It is perfect for creating a romantic evening or taking an aromatic bath.

Hydrosols are aromatic floral waters that contain the hydrophillic components of essential oils left from the steam distillation of plant material. They can be used for a wide range of purposes as toners, tonics, energizers, and other natural functions.

Usage Ideas:

  • Use as a balancing toner
  • Use as a substitute for water in clay masks for additional benefits
  • Use as a body spray
  • Use as a room spray
  • Use during acneic breakouts
  • Use during hormonal concerns
  • Use as a hair mist

To get the most use of your hydrosols, I recommend storing them in cold, dark places or refrigerators. The average shelf life is approximately 1-2 years for this hydrosol. 

This hydrosol is packaged in a clear glass 2 oz bottle or 4 ounce bottle with an atomizer so it is ready for immediate use. All 8 ounce bottles are packaged in a cobalt blue PET plastic with a disc cap to avoid potential breakage during transit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Hana Tisserand
Gorgeous Rose hydrosol

A must to keep in the fridge for hot days - just splash yourself whenever you feel a bit too hot and wilting.

Liz Fulcher
Rose Hydrosol

Because I teach classes on hydrosols, I have tried a LOT and Rose happens to be one of my favorites. Of the many Rose hydrosols I've worked with, the BK Botanicals is one of the most beautiful.

Donna H.
So far the Rose Hydrosol

So far the Rose Hydrosol is the only one I like. Not really sure what to use it for, but I like the fragrance of it a lot! Normally I don’t care for rose scent, but this one goes deeper and I really like it!

Carey K.
Heavenly scent!

Heavenly scent!

Sharon D.
I just adore this Rose

I just adore this Rose Hydrosol. It smells just like walking through a beautiful rose garden!

Thank you so much for your review!