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Quality & Purity

While quality and purity can work hand in hand to offer the most vibrant and pure oils in the industry, they are distinctly different. Yet, we offer both. How?

In working directly with artisan distillers, learning how to distill, and staying on top of industry standards, we’ve learned that quality isn’t just something you can get anywhere. Quality isn’t something you can see on a GC either.

Quality can be one of the most subjective ideas when it comes to essential oils. However, we believe that quality can also be something that allows our clients to feel the vibrancy of every oil they purchase from us. 

This is why every batch of essential oils is heavily scrutinized before they come to you. From looking at environmental growing conditions, harvesting methods, distilling methods, we make sure every potential organoleptic nuance is considered. Having this knowledge and the necessary training to perform organoleptic testing is important in making sure we offering the highest quality essential oils available.

Purity is just as equally important as the quality that we offer. We test every single batch of essential oils using third party labs for this reason. Even from distillers that we’ve worked with since the beginning. You'll find batch specific reports that can be matched to the bottle in your hand - this is something that not every company does.

You can scan the QR codes on our analysis to view them directly from our chemists to ensure we aren’t doctoring any reports. This is just another level of transparency we offer to ensure your trust for our quality and purity testing.