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Using essential oils to support your health and wellness lifestyle naturally can be easy or at times tricky. In an effort to make it easier, Be Kind Botanicals shares recipes on each product page.

It is important to note that none of our recipes include water based products. And for good reason. Aromatherapists and many essential oil company owners don’t have the necessary training to share recipes that are formulated with such products.

While many aromatherapists are taught all kinds of recipes to use for themselves, there is something that we see too much of. Sharing of unsafe recipes that use use water based ingredients which are not properly formulated for your safety. This can ultimately lead to injuring another person unintentionally.

Water breeds life. Using any kind of water based product like hydrosols, aloe, witch hazel, etc. can lead to a recipe growing mold, bacteria, and fungus. This is why it is important for our clients to understand that using water based ingredients in recipes requires a preservation system to prevent the life of these microorganisms from growing and causing harm.

In staying within our scope of training and practice, you will only find safe essential oil recipes on our website. Nothing with water based ingredients. Additionally, we won't create endless recipes in an effort to get you to use more oils and faster - that isn't in line with our model for continued sustainability.

If you ever do need help blending a safe recipe using our essential oils, feel free to reach out to us using our “Ask an aromatherapist” contact page.