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Shelf Life

As with anything in life, essential oils do have a shelf life. How they are stored and what their chemistry is will play a large role in how long they can be used.

To ensure you are always getting a fresh product, Be Kind Botanicals covers essential oils with an inert gas mixture. Our oils are then stored in refrigeration to protect and extend the life of them. 

Because we take such extensive measures, it’s generally safe to use the date at which they are poured (your order date) to estimate their shelf life. If you check our essential oil, hydrosol, and carrier oil product pages, you will see that each oil has an estimated shelf life.

In addition to storing our oils meticulously, we replace our oils well within their shelf life with new batches to avoid having unused essential oils. This means we don’t over order from distillers and is why on occasion we run out of stock on a few which lends to positive sustainability practices being followed. This also ensures that we’re providing the freshest essential oils possible. 

We also recommend purchasing smaller bottles or sample sizes when it comes to using an oil you haven’t before. This helps you to avoid purchasing a full size bottle you won’t ever use. In purchasing only what you think you'll truly utilize for sustainability purposes you can help us in expanding positive sustainability practices. It’ll also help you to utilize your oils before the end of their life!