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Sourcing, Analysis, and More

Through years of training and self-study, we've had the privilege to learn and work with many small artisan distillers around the globe. Any essential oils, CO2s, and absolutes added to our current listings are studied for weeks to ensure we're offering the highest quality available. This process is especially important for oils that are not widely researched!

When first working with a distiller, we collect a sample from them and another distiller of the same plant/species. This allows us to compare organoleptics, overall quality, pricing, and work with the oil for a few weeks offered by the distillers.

Before offering an essential oil, we also find out as much as possible about the distiller. This includes information about their farming methods, how plant matter is collected, growing seasons, distillation methods they use, how long they have been distilling, and much more. Sometimes although not often, we're able to visit and work with them during distillations! Gathering all this information allows us to learn if they are employing kind and ethical farming/distillation methods and see if they value plants as we do. 

Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectronomy or Gas Chromatography-Flame Ionization Detector Analysis

Eucalyptus AnalysisI am often drawn to the higher quality of small artisan distillers. Even though I know their oils to be pure, having the analysis completed enables me to really see the potential therapeutics based on the chemical constituents within the oils.

Although many do not understand or know how to interpret the data on gas chromatography and mass spectronomy analysis, I offer those analyses for every oil direct from the independent labs I work with.

Do I Make My Essential Oils?

Alligator Juniper DistillerWhile we do distill, we don't have direct access to all of the different kinds of plant matter since are based in the desert. Our distillation offerings currently include hydrosols. Any essential oils we obtain from distilling are gifted to our loyal clients or auctioned for a charitable cause.

It's more economical and time saving for us to source directly from artisan distillers we trust. Our distillers are carefully vetted and relationships with them are forged well before we ever make a purchase from them. 

Getting our oils directly from distillers also eliminates the middle-man and ensures there's little risk for adulteration. Additionally, it allows for a fantastic price on high quality essential oils, absolutes, and CO2 oils as they become available!