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Alligator Juniper Ceremony Sticks

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With species like Palo Santo becoming increasingly more endangered, Alligator Juniper ceremony sticks make a wonderful alternative. Although they do not smudge the same due to the differences between the density of the woods, these work well for creating incense sticks, use during meditation and so much more.

Basic information:

  1. Latin Name: Juniperus deppeana
  2. Plant part: Heart Wood
  3. Country of Origin: Arizona, harvested with permit.

How to useLight the Alligator Juniper over an open flame using a lighter or candle. Hold one end of the stick and hold the opposite end to a fire, candle, or lighter. Rotate the stick back and forth slowly in the flame. Watch for a glowing ember to form at the end of the stick.

Alligator Juniper is a wood that burns slowly, so it may take a few seconds to see the ember form.

Blow out the flame once you’ve successfully lit the wood or let it burn for about 30 seconds. It will continue to smolder until it goes out on its own or you decide to extinguish it. With the size sticks cut for our bundles, the ember will smolder for only a few moments.

Wave the stick through the air in all directions to release the pungent smoke slowly. As it burns, it will fill the room with a rich, smoky, and pleasant aroma.

Avoid bringing the burning Alligator Juniper too close to your hair, clothing, or body while you’re holding it.

Have an ashtray or similar receptacle on hand to catch the ash that falls from the burnt wood.

When you’re ready to put out the Alligator Juniper, grind the lit tip of embers into a fireproof receptacle that won’t melt or later cause a fire. A ceramic, glass or metal container works well for this. Check to make sure the stick has stopped burning before you walk away and leave it unattended.

What are some ways to utilize these sticks?

Alligator Juniper is a great stress reliever and can be used to create an aromatic therapy session to release stress within the body during meditation. It can also be used to create a grounding and soothing environment prior to mediation. These can be used in ceremonies for deep spiritual reflection as well.

For those who adore the smell of a mountain campfire, these sticks are wonderful for recreating that smell. If campfire smells bring back fond memories for you, you’ll want to get a bundle of these.

Aroma: The complexity of Alligator Juniper aroma is amazing. It is a very rich, warm, sensual, exotic, and wonderfully deep woody aroma upon the first smell. I find it to also have a subtle earthy and smoky aspect that rounds out the rich smell from the wood. 

Emotional/Energetic Qualities: Grounding, calming during stressful transitions, helps take the load off the nervous system, balancing, protective while providing strength, can be used in clearing and soothing to nerves.