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Aluminum Essential Oil Inhalers

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These Aluminum Essential Oil Inhalers are perfect for inhalation of pure essential oils or diluted. They include a glass container for your cotton wick that fits right inside the aluminum.


  • Add your pure essential oils to the white cotton wick.
  • To extend the use of your essential oils, dilute them with your choice of stable carrier (jojoba, avocado, etc.).
  • Insert the wick into the glass tube.
  • Place the glass cap on it.
  • Insert into the aluminum inhaler.


  • Using these type of inhalers allow you to utilize them longer than 3-6 months recommended for the plastic ones we used to use. 
  • Aluminum inhalers are discreet enough to fit in your pockets.
  • Aluminum inhalers are reusable with a simple change of the wick.
  • Aluminum inhalers are easy to use.
  • Aluminum inhalers are perfect to use in public places.

You can use these aluminum essential oil inhalers to make your own essential oil blends to:

  • Soothe Sinus issues
  • Reduce the appearance of headaches
  • Soothe Nausea
  • To calm anxiety and stress
  • On airplanes to support your immune system, stay relaxed, and much more.

They are easy to reuse as you can add more oil to the cotton at any time or replace the cotton wick if you want to change a saturated or expired one. If you want to make labels for them, I recommend you use labels that are about 1.5 inches high and wide.

They are sold individually and are currently available in slate blue or pastel green.