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Drench your skin in moisture while delighting your senses with essential oils! Be Kind Botanicals Body Butter is a luxurious treat for the skin that hydrates with a creamy blend of shea butter, coconut oil and almond oil, leaving skin suppler, softer and smoother from head to toe. Antioxidant vitamin E is also present in the formula to condition the tissue and provide anti-aging protection.

With its whipped consistency, this handcrafted body butter is easy to apply. As you massage the formula against the skin, the butter will soften and gradually penetrate the tissue for deep hydrating benefits. This moisturizing body butter is designed to melt right into your skin and has a wonderful texture that is soothing as well as moisturizing.

Ingredients:Shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, and pure essential oils. 

Container Size:4 oz.

Net Weight:2. oz.

Essential Oil Blend Descriptions

  • Synergia Smooth and stimulate your skin with this lavish blend of essential oils. This blend will leave your skin tingling and restored while the fresh, energizing scent will wake up your mind, boost your energy and lift your mood. [Contains: Orange, Peppermint, & Rosemary]
  • Stress Relief: A soft blend of therapeutic spearmint and eucalyptus essential oils that work to restore balance to your mind and respiratory systems. [Contains: Spearmint and Eucalyptus]
  • Lavender:This essential oil is known for its sedative, soothing, calming, and relaxing properties. It also has therapeutic properties that allow for its use as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory when used in massage.

Common Questions: 

  1. How long will it last using it daily?  About two months or longer depending on use for full body or use for areas of dry skin (hands, arms, legs, feet).
  2. How much should I apply? Apply a small amount (a little more than pea size) for just your hands to determine how much you will need for the rest of your skin. 
  3. Can it be used in massage? Yes! It makes a wonderful massage emollient and does not have too much resistance or too little. 
  4. What is the dilution rate for this product? Most essential oils or absolutes will range from 1-2% depending on the aroma. Some can be even less depending on the chemistry of the pure essential oils used.
  5. Can you make custom body butters? YES! Custom body butter orders require an 10 order minimum per essential oil or blend requested. So when ordering, you need to purchase 10 and let me know via email.

Note: The Body Butter should be stored in the refrigerator if your home temperatures are above 75 to maintain the whipped consistency.


Customer Reviews

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Very nice! Much prefer this

Very nice! Much prefer this to the lotion.

I love these body butters.

I love these body butters. The feel on my hands and the fact that the body butter soaks into the hands and legs quickly.

The rose body butter is

The rose body butter is very nourishing from the time I first put on my skin until I go to bed at night. I am not usually a fan of floral scents, but this scent is just right. I highly recommend this body butter.

Thank you so very much Kathie!

Rose--so calming!

I wasn't expecting it to be so calming! I've used rose EOs before and liked them, but this smell was somehow even more amazing and calming. I use it any time I feel stressed, and my dog loves it too! He always tries to stick his face in the jar! He's never done this with any EO product before. Lola, do you use rose absolute or rose EO in this body butter? Just curious...I'm wondering about possible solvent remaining if it's an absolute.

Hi Kathy!

The Rose Body Butter is scented with Be Kind Botanicals' pure Rose Absolute. If you check the gc, you will see that the only chemistry is that of the plant materials 'natural' make up which includes waxes. If there is any solvent at all, it will be so negligible that it will be in parts per million so it is completely safe. Additionally, the dilution rate of our Rose Absolute within our hand crafted body butter is within normal and safe parameters per IFRA and Robert Tisserand's Essential Oil Safety (under 0.6%). Thanks for the great feedback and question!

The rose body butter is

The rose body butter is so wonderful! It's thick in the jar, yet very silky on the skin. It's probably the best body butter I've bought, the texture is just perfect. The rose shines so well, too. It lasts hours!

Thank you so much for your thorough review!