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Catnip Hydrosol


Common Name: Catnip Hydrosol

Botanical Name: Nepeta cataria

Origin: Washington, USA. (Distiller is certified organic)

Distilled: September 2019

Shelf Life: about 1-2 years

Personal Notes: I prefer to use this hydrosol as a quick outdoor spray. Although it may not last long, it requires no formulating and is easier and faster to use than formulating and mixing essential oils and other ingredients to create an outdoor spray.

Aroma: This is a beautiful catnip hydrosol with a fresh minty aroma with sweet green notes followed by hints of very soft floral notes. Initially, the mint jumps out at the nose, but once opened to the air it becomes very balanced and blends well with the overall aroma rather than a bright top note. It is likely to be a favorite of mine in the coming months of summer!

Notes from the distiller: This hydrosol is one of the longer lasting hydrosols and is used frequently as an outdoor spray when out farming on the ranch.

Other: Hydrosols are aromatic floral waters that contain the hydrophillic components of essential oils left from the steam distillation of plant material. They can be used for a wide range of purposes as toners, tonics, energizers, and other natural functions.

Usage Ideas:

  • As an outdoor spray
  • As a room spray
  • As a tummy soother
  • As a relaxing or soothing spray before sleep
  • As a respiratory soother in a steam tent

To get the most use of your hydrosols, I recommend storing them in cold, dark places or refrigerators. The average shelf life is approximately 2-3 years for this hydrosol. 

This hydrosol is packaged in a clear glass 2 oz bottle or 4 ounce bottle with an atomizer so it is ready for immediate use.

Microbial Testing: