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Hydrosol Sample Kit

Hydrosols are aromatic floral waters that contain the hydrophillic components of essential oils obtained from steam distillation of plant material. They can be used for a wide range of purposes as toners, tonics, energizers, and other natural functions. 

This hydrosol sample kit includes several hydrosols we offer at a discounted price! Each hydrosol is packaged in a clear glass 10 ml bottle with an atomizer so they are ready for immediate use. Because of the size of each hydrosol, it is perfect for anyone just learning about hydrosols and even those with experience but enjoy a small size to avoid waste.

Below is a list of each hydrosol included. Click on the links for each one to learn more about the specific batches, botanical names and uses.

Hydrosols included:

Can be used:

  • As a toner for maturing skin 
  • During your pet's minor skin irritations (large breed dogs)
  • During hormonal concerns
  • To soothe women's concerns
  • In sitz baths
  • In teas
  • As tonics
  • In clay masks
  • In clay compresses
  • On scar tissue
  • As a mouthwash (diluted)
  • In baths
  • As room/linen sprays
  • As body sprays
  • As hair tonics
  • To support emotional balance
  • To support digestive health and more

Storage: To get the most use of your hydrosols, I recommend storing them in refrigerators out of reach of tiny hands. 

*Please note that image is not representative for each hydrosol included.*